Your Public Relations Under One Roof

With all PR subscriptions we use the following step-by-step plan, which is essential for the correct start of PR management.

1. Wishes, Goals & Demands

It is important to get a good picture of your business. We first schedule a meeting so that we can discuss your wishes and goals.

3. Quote & Contract

Does it look good and do you want start? Then we write an official quote and a contract to record all agreements. As soon as we receive this back, we can get started immediately.

5. optimization & planning

When we have access to your social media channels, website and mailing portal, the real work begins. We check all data on your channels related to marketing and public relations. Afterwards we plan and start the work.

2. Customized Strategy

When all information is clear, we will brainstorm and create a customized strategy. This strategy contains the objectives, the approach, the plan and the costs for PR management.

4. Information Inquiry & Start

We set up a communication channel where we are constantly in contact with the person who is responsible for marketing in your company. Through that channel you will receive a request with what we need in terms of data and additional information.

6. Check & GO

After we have agreed on branding of the website, social media and mailings, we will make the content real and send it to you for review. When that is agreed, we can start with branding implementation, content creation and execution of growth strategies.

about studio

We always say: the message must be clear, short and concise. This means that this message must be conveyed to the right target group in the right language via the right channels. That is the key to success. With this vision we get people moving, we make news, we give products and services their own unique character and we build, monitor and strengthen the reputations of companies, organizations and brands.

As a Public Relations studio, we are always alert. We see possibilities and opportunities everywhere. Even in the greatest challenges of our time. Because every challenge offers a new opportunity to achieve new goals, learn new things and most importantly, meet new people…

Because that’s what our Public Relations Studio is all about: connecting people and staying connected with them!

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